What Does Herpes Look Like?

It can be scary when you have a blister that you think may be herpes, but DON’T PANIC! There are several herpes look alikes that you need to know about first. As always, see your doctor if you think you have a problem. Don’t rely on self-diagnosis. Check out an all-natural herpes treatment by clicking here.

In general, herpes outbreaks come and go. They generally last a few days to two weeks, and can also be accompanied by fever, generally feelings of illnes, and aches. Sometimes, blisters will only present as redness, or almost like papercuts. This is why it is important to see a doctor, because the symptoms can vary so widely.

Mouth herpes (cold sores)

Generally on the lip, and present as a large blister or a tight clump of blisters:

what does herpes look like

Genital herpes

Similar to mouth herpes, they will generally present as a cluster of blisters on or near the genitalia or crotch:

herpes on a female

Herpes Look Alikes

There are several other diseases that can cause blisters that are not herpes-related. It is helpful to know what they look like so you can compare.

Canker Sores

Canker sores are small, flat, white sores inside the mouth. These are NOT herpes, and will generally go away on their own:

how does herpes look visually


Usually seen mainl in young children, impetigo presents as a large cluster of blisters anywhere on the face. Oral herpes will usually only show up on the lips or in the corners of the lips and generally be a much smaller cluster.

what herpes looks like


A bacterial infection, syphilis usually consists of just a single blister, not a cluster like with herpes.

herpes visual

Genital Warts

These will, instead of healing, turn into small cauliflower-like masses. Herpes, on the other hand, consists of small clusters of red blisters that will scab over and heal within two weeks.

herpes anus

Yeast Infection

Painful urination, itching, burning, and cottage-cheese-like discharge, but no blisters.

herpes symptoms in men


Again, don’t rely on self-diagnosis. See your doctor immediately if you suspect you have herpes. Even if you think you do, DON’T PANIC. You can check out a natural treatment by clicking here.